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Kaskipuu Oy

Kaskipuu Oy has built an efficient and modern production line for their window production in Viitasaari. The firm applies new methods in manufacturing still respecting their tradition at the same time.

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Kohiwood Oy

Kohiwood has two glued laminated panel mills in Soini. The board mills jointly produce 25 000 m3 of glulam panel per year. Kohiwood's production is developed on a continuous basis, enabling them to compete with low labour-cost countries in terms of cost efficiency, while clearly outperforming these in terms of quality and ecological sustainability.

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UAB Singlis Ltd.

UAB Singlis Ltd. is a lithuanian agency, that works as a importer in machine and blade technology. Singlis has about 60 employees, and the most of their clients works in a furniture manufacturing business such as a subcontractor of Ikea.

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Hundreds of solutions to enhance production automation


The solutions delivered by us are innovative and one step ahead. We have tens of years of experience in production automation solutions.


Apex Automation is responsible for software support, and its’ resources quarantees quick service.


The maintenance contract consists regular service; we can deliver spare parts for machinery we have designed and manufactured without any delay thanks to our own machining.

Riskless solution

Sustainable solutions for production automation

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