Video: Delivery of a new production line

We delivered a new production line to our customer. The blocks manufactured for modernization were transported as large units (please watch video / Olli Pahikainen). In this way, we enabled our customer to keep the production downtime short.

Watch video

Next generation Robogrind under development

Our company has started to develop the next generation Robogrind machine (RGNG). Its first generation version was in production from 2000 to 2020.

The machine grinds the insides of chemical containers. Through grinding, remnants of chemicals and corrosion damage can be removed from the interior surface of the containers. At the same time, grinding time is significantly shorter compared to grinding by hand. The use of Robogrind can considerably extend the lifespan of these containers.

The new RGNG differs from its predecessor due to its simpler structure and more advanced automation. Its usability has also better than ever.

The budget for our project is close to 400,000 euros, supplemented by funding from the EU.

New contacts at LIGNA fair

Siipotec attended LIGNA fair as an exhibitor in Hannover; the fair was a success. The visitors were keen on Siipotec’s machines and services and we got plenty of new contacts.

We want to thank for all the visitors and our partners in cooperation!

Siipotec at Ligna fair

Our company will participate in Ligna fair as an exhibitor in Hannover from 15 to 19 May 2023. In our stand we will present our customised and innovative production automation solutions. Ligna is the world’s largest trade fair for woodworking technology and machinery.

You are warmly welcome to visit our stand: Hall 14/H74!

Siipotec has obtained a patent

Our company has been granted a patent (PRH 130115) for a warehouse automation solution. It is an automatically adapting storage solution, that optimizes the used storage space based on product dimensions.

Thanks to our invention, there is no need for fixed storage locations in the warehouse, such as shelves. The invention can be utilized in the storage of end products or in the creation of a buffer stock on the production line.

Antikka for our Maintenance and Service Manager

Pasi Antikka from Oulainen has been appointed Maintenance and Service Manager of our company starting from 6th of February 2023. Pasi has years of experience in maintenance, and he is responsible for maintenance and service business along with spare parts sales.

We welcome Pasi to join our team!

A new profile cutting line for Lumon

Siipotec Oy´s turnkey delivery consists of all project stages from need to designing, installation, training and maintenance service. In the picture, employees are being trained to use the aluminium profile cutting line delivered to Lumon´s Spanish factory at the beginning of June.


Siipotec Oy will be demerged

As of 30thof April 2022, Siipotec Oy will be demerged into two separate companies: one engaging in business activities and the other owning real estates. The ownership of both companies remains the same as of the demerging company. Business activities will continue unchanged and are to be managed by existing, skilled personnel.

In respect of and based on this demerger, the Business ID of Siipotec Oy will change. All liabilities and responsibilities related to business activities of Siipotec Oy (1025515-4) along with its personnel and contracts will be transferred to Siipotec Oy (3251960-8) in full and on the same terms and conditions. All liabilities and responsibilities related to real estates will be transferred, in turn, to Siipo Estate Oy (2244295-0).

As a result of this demerger, our invoicing address for e-invoices will change as of 1stof May 2022. Information on this is available on our website under Contact section.

Our new facilities were completed

Expansion of our new production facilities were completed in August. Current facilities include 1,500 square meters dedicated to manufacturing and office space. Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (the ELY Centre) supported the investment by granting funding, maximum 30 %.

Siipotec applied for patents

Last year our company applied for four patents to protect our machine inventions and solutions. A patent is an exclusive right that provides the inventor with the right to prohibit others from utilising inventions commercially. In Finland, patents are granted by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).