Siipotec in Tekniikka & Talous newspaper

Siipotec’s excellent cooperation with Kaskipuu Ltd and Beckhoff Automation is presented in the latest issue of Tekniikka & Talous (Technology & Economy). In an article written by Tero Illi, it is stated how the whole line guidance in the automation of a new window production line for Kaskipuu differs from traditional solutions; integration, flexibility and one-part serial size comply with the Industry 4.0 philosophy.

Our company has delivered the most demanding CNC machine centres to Kaskipuu’s factory in Viitasaari. They are based on linear motor technology and therefore the structure is simple and reliable.

By increasing degree of automation, Kaskipuu has been able to improve efficiency and flexibility while maintaining the quality level, says Kaskipuu’s Technical Director Timo Lehtinen.

Interesting contacts at Trä&Teknik

Last week, our company attended Trä&Teknik fair as an exhibitor in Gothenburg, Sweden. The visitors were keen on Siipotec’s machines and we got plenty of new, interesting contacts. We want to thank for all the visitors and our partners in cooperation!

Siipotec published a company video

Siipotec has published a company video. It makes you familiar to our products and operations. Video can be seen on our website in Siipotec section.

Siipotec will deliver another machine to Sweden

Our company has closed a deal on another production automation machine for our Swedish client. The machine will be delivered to Sweden next autumn. Both machines are specialized CNC machines.