We deliver customized CNC machine tools for a wood processing industry like door, window and furniture industry. Machines modifies e.g. the components of a door or window. E.g. different joint millings are made for these components.

Typically, the machines are through feed line machines, but they can also be used manually. Servos are used for placement of movement axles and grippers, typically linear servos. In CNC control there are usually 3–35 movement axles. Linear servo is a progressive technique, in which motion is engendered without any kind of mechanical touch (cf. clearences). In practice, the solution means a structure that cannot lead to any mechanical clearances neither when it’s a new solution or already a used one. Velocities are high (even 8 m/s) and accuracies are within a couple of one-hundredth depending on feed back sensoring.

A linear servo technique remarkably simplifies a mechanical structure and enables to assemble several uses side by side without any complicated screw or gear rack system. Vertical axles are carried out by a rotating servo and ball screw e.g. in a non-electricity situation just to be able to handle the situation better.

We use HSD spindles, that we import, too. A spindle is chosen according to specified needs. Spindle power is typically 5–20kw/12000–24000 rpm. More detailed information about spindles can be found from the website of a producer www.hsd.it.

We use modern and versatile Beckhoff-CNC control (www.beckhoff.fi), and a standardized G programming language is used in a machine programming. A machine is often connected to a upper production management or designing system. CAM program is also generally used for generating machine programming.

There are always a massive and welded panel built frame. Weight is 2-12 tn depending on a machine. Machining of a base frame and assembling parts can mostly be done in our own factory. Welding tensions are heated away from the welded assembly before machining; the best quality is quaranteed by this way.