We want to ensure functionality and efficiency of our customer’s machines. Proactive service will become cheaper than reparation after faults. Our service makes sure, that the machines will be in good shape, and they work without any interruption.

Intelligent, efficient manipulators

We produce intelligent and efficient manipulators, that are typically used in feeding and disloading and automatic warehouse management on line. The pieces are usually door and window components, that are handled as layer. There can be several vertical axis either on the same or the opposite side of horizontal axis in a manipulator.

Horizontal axis is typically at least 12 m. Motion of vertical axis is typically 1,5 – 2 m. Horizontal beam of a manipulator is 200 x 400 x 12 RHS, in two-sided solutions it is 400 x 400 x 12 RHS.


Manipulators are produced often by Beckhoff servos. The benefits are great in number, e.f. wider speed area, better dynamics and accuracy.

The grippers are customized according to a product. The most typical ones are vacuum boxes or vacuum grippers.

There can also be other handling equipment like machine tools. Warehouse management can be organized into a control of a manipulator, or warehouse can be controlled from outside production management system.