Kuka-partner110Production automation and robots improve delivery reliability, and they decrease faults in production. Lead time of products speeds up and unnecessary stages end.

We’ve been working in cooperation with KUKA System Partner since 2014. We’ve also a long experience in Yaskawa Motoman robots, that we’ve delivered since 2007. Furthermore, we’ve accomplished some single projects in other brands like ABB.


Nowadays, we try to find the solutions primarily from a large KUKA collection in which there’re available robots of 3–1300 kg process ability. The more specific range of models and accessories and application software can be found in www.kuka.fi.

A robot can be assembled e.g. into a linear rail. In that case a rail will be the robot’s 7th axis. Spindles or any other tools used in some stages can be used as a tool of a robot. Underpressure or mechanical gripper or their combination can be used as a gripper. When using a robot for machining a piece can be fastened in a gripper and spindles are fixed and vice versa.

Robots are long-lasting: they have an average service life of 15 years. An importer will make a service contract for the robots we’ve delivered. Fixed-period service contract is very cheap, because there’s only a slight need for annual maintenance; lubrication is 20 000 h per 5 years. Service organized by an importor quarantees, that a delivered robot will always work.

A robot cell consignment consists always more than just a robot. The consignment includes at least:

  • environmental planning and a possible simulation
  • designing and manufacturing a gripper or a tool
  • cover fence
  • assembling and implementation
  • training (typically 2–3 days)

Our delivery can also be significantly more wider. So far, our robot cell deliveries have consisted even machine tools and conveyors. A part of our deliveries has consisted a three robot combination and very complicated assembling devices and conveyors.

Workable and efficient manufacturing cell can be formed e.g. by assembling a robot into a long linear rail. Constant machines are installed in environment and e.g. palleting are done by robots.

There are a broad range of accessories available for robots. The tools can be changed automatically by the aid of a tool changer.

We’ve a versatile simulation program by which we can simulate a robot environment with its’ accessory equipment until beginning the actual machine design. By simulation we can make sure of dimensions and cycle times.