Some projects;

Manufacturing of an outdoor base by components into a ready blank consists of a complicated line. That line includes several different modules. The very short cycle time is one of the special features of the line in addition to a possibility to manufacture a spesialized measured door.

A robot cell for manufacturing of a furniture component; the robot cell consists a High Accuracy classification of KUKA robot, and furthermore, spindles are integrated into a solid frame (4 pcs), sanding units (2 pcs), and cover fences. The manufactured furniture components are of a very high quality.

Assembly line of furniture components is carried out by three robots. There’s also a complicated press in a line; that take the possible abnormities into account i.e. the unit is straightened before pressing. The pieces are handled carefully, because there are surface treated components in question.

In a radiator plugging automatic line the stoppers are fastened with screws (4 pcs). A hard cycle time is a must, 8 s/pcs, and about changing models, that are read by laser sensors before feeding the line.

A manufacturing line for a yard piece of furniture; a piece is picked up from the pallet by a robot, a piece is machined (milling and drilling), nuts are fastened into a piece, and the finished piece is palleted back on the pallet by the same robot.

The line manufactured to a frame machining consists e.g. conveyors, drill, frame CNC and a manipulator. Cycle time is about 14 s/pcs. The pieces move forward on line from pallet to another. In a finished pallet there are space bars istalled automatically.