Kaskipuu Oy

Kaskipuu Oy has built an efficient and modern production line for their window production in Viitasaari. The firm applies new methods in manufacturing still respecting their tradition at the same time.

Siipotec has participated in Kaskipuu’s automatization project in Viitasaari plant since 1995. The deliveries have included e.g. CNC working centers. The more detailed descriptions are not possible because of trade secret.


Charmia Group Oy

The main equipment of the robot cell consists of a KUKA robot moving on a fast linear track and a versatile machine vision system. This system recognises the pre-cut board parts that are in a layer, compares the identification data with the data provided by the production management and palletises items in accordance with this, either directly or through a temporary storage that positions items automatically.

The robot cell applies a technology patented by Siipotec, which allows non-interrupted and smooth handling and processing of all available shades of colour. The vacuum gripper used to pick up the items also includes technology which is tailored to suit this robot cell implementation.


UAB Singlis Ltd.

UAB Singlis Ltd. is a lithuanian agency, that works as an importer in machine and blade technology. Singlis has about 60 employees, and the most of their clients works in a furniture manufacturing business such as a subcontractor of IKEA. Mass production requires efficiency in production, and cycle time demands are the most important factors besides quality in automatisation criteria.

Siipotec has delivered its machinery via Singlis to Ikea’s subcontractors and e.g. to the biggest parquet manufacturer of Europe.