Data protection notice

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR


Siipotec Oy,
Ketolankuja 2,
FI-85100 Kalajoki,
VAT 1025515-4

Contact person

Virpi Siipo, virpi.siipo(at)

Data subjects

The contact persons of current and potential clients, subcontractors, suppliers and other partners. The personnel of Siipotec Oy.

Purpose of the register

The use of personal information is based on customer relationship, consent or assignment or other relevant relationship. Personal information will only be processed for purposes specified, which are eg. communication, marketing and other similar operations.

Contents of data

The register includes information concerning the contact persons of companies: name, title or role, workplace address, telephone number, postal and e-mail address, and field of business.

Personal information will only be processed for purposes specified in advance, which are maintenance and development of customer relations, communications and informing about services, and processing orders and deliveries. Personal data of Siipotec Oy’s personnel will be handled concerning possession as user, granting access to system and planning and supervision of the duties.

Labour law obligations are obeyed, when handling personnel’s personal data at Siipotec Oy.

Data source

The information comes primarily from registered themselves or from their employer.

Data transfer

Information will not be disclosed to the outsiders. Only authorities can have the right to acquire information according to Finnish law.

Data will not be transferred or released outside the EU or EEA.

Register protection

The access rights at Siipotec are restricted to persons performing tasks related to e.g. sales and marketing. The controller may outsource the processing of personal information, in which case the controller will ensure by means of contractual arrangements that all personal information is processed in accordance with currently valid data protection legislation and otherwise appropriately.

Use of data system requires user identification. Only personnel, that need information to handle the duties have access to system.

Correcting and deleting of personal data

Data subjects may review their personal information stored by the controller.

Data subjects may object to processing of their personal information, if they feel that their information have been processed unlawfully.

Everyone in the register has the right to request the correcting or deleting of incorrect information about himself, and the request can be addressed in writing to virpi.siipo(at)

The registered has a right to withdraw the permit of processing personal data, if it is based on assent of the registered person. The abovementioned requests must be addressed in writing for the contact person of registrar.

The controller may be legally or otherwise entitled to not delete any data, whose deletion has been requested. The controller is e.g. obliged to store all accounting material in accordance with the period specified in Accounting Act. This is why no accounting material may be deleted until the period has expired.

Duration of processing

The controller will store personal information for a period required by the customer, partnership and supply relationship between the partner and Siipotec Oy in order to perform the intended use purposes specified in this notice.

We regularly delete information that is no longer required.