We design and manufacture both automatic and semi-automatic production lines and stand alone machines. Furthermore, we can modify your existing machinery to an automated solution by attaching robots and conveyors into the production line.

Our turnkey delivery consists of all project stages from need to designing, installation, training and maintenance service.

Successful automation solution is individualized, and cost productive. Maintenance and continuing software support quarantee functionality of our solutions.

The most effective production cells by robots

We deliver industrial robots for a payload of 3-1300 kg. In addition to the new robots we offer you so called demo robots used only in testing and exhibition purposes. The overall delivery of one robot cell always consists a simulation, cover fences, production of grippers or tools and installation and implementation with operator training. Long-lasting robots have reliable service organized by an importer.

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Customer-oriented production lines

We deliver production lines for assembling and machining. Both cycle time and component demands are a good starting point. Our delivery consists of designing, manufacturing, installation, putting production line into use and training.

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Quick and reliable CNC machines

Through feed CNC machines are typically designed for processing a long material, and for wood processing industry. The machines are also delivered for machining of panel objects. Linear servos are often used in CNC machines, in which linear movement is engendered without any mechanical touch of a machine. This kind of technique enables a super fast and at the same time very exact and clearence free positioning. Furthermore, it easily allows side by side installation without a complicated screw or tooth bar system.

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Flexible machining

We offer you our machining service as a subcontractor. Our modern production space, equipment and personnel enable also very demanding assignments. We serve you flexibly and we are willing to fulfill your fast delivery demands.

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